Stijn Rompa (1993)

Lives and works in Dongen, The Netherlands

Stijn’s photographs are staged situations where the construction of the image is visible and with an exquisite eye for detail.
A photographer usually uses the studio to make pictures of objects or people without the space or background around attracting attention. Stijn works in opposite way, the objects are increasingly absorbed by their surrounding, playing a game between presence and absence. Objects placed in the front are being put in the background and the background becomes more prominent in his work
‘Care’ is a repeating  theme in his work.  It’s  an intriguing theme to Stijn. People are taken out of their own environment and placed in a staged setting.There’s a lot is going on and at the same time nothing happens at all. Stijn’s works are subtle in color, playing with the hue between white and beige.The white highlights the emptiness, vulnerability and anonymity.

Stijn Rompa (Dongen,1993)

AKV St. Joost Breda The Netherlands


2023 Museum de Looierij
2023  Studio 68
2022 Albert van Abbehuis
2021 MOYA Museum of Young Artists
2020 PARK Platform for Young Artists
2020 Galerie DNK
2019 Studio 68
2018 Albert van Abbehuis